Digital lead capture – efficient lead capture at the touch of a button.

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  • To the trade fair, get set, go! Lead capture at trade fairs can be that easy

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    With the entergon suite you can implement your “Bring your own device” mobile strategy continuously: simply download the entergon app for iOS, Android or Windows on a tablet, smartphone or even desktop and enter access data.

    You are already able to capture leads with all the device-specific functions provided.

  • Integrated OCR detection

    With the integrated optical character recognition OCR, business cards can be read out automatically on site or during subsequent postprocessing.

    There are more than 25 languages available. In addition, an automated check and enrichment of the processed data takes place.

    Screenshot app capture business cards with automatic OCR recognition

  • Access to existing customer data

    Screenshot entergon-Suite process my captured contacts further

    Do your trade fair visitors consist to a large extent of existing customers all of whose relevant contact data you already have all in the CRM?

    Then simply search for the desired contact in the local app database or via live connection to your existing CRM, ERP or marketing automation solutions and transfer the master data and other dependent data to the app.

  • Badge scan integration

    The connection to the visitor databases of the trade fair organisers is a great help for the international use of the mobile app, especially in the USA with their widespread service providers, CompuSystems and XPress Leads.

    Especially when, as in the US, only visitor batches and no business cards are used. You simply scan the trade fair badges of the visitors to your stand. We provide the registration data real-time in the app.

    Screenshot app capture fair badge

Lead management – fast tracking of valuable leads.

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  • Post-processing of recorded leads

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    Time is money: make the most of your time at the trade fair. Captured leads can be processed immediately from anywhere and enriched with other relevant data or routed to follow-up processes.

    The distribution focuses entirely upon the discussions and the initial recording.

  • Easy download of lead data

    Leads can be downloaded using standardised or individual export formats, either directly as required or by rule-based email notifications at the time desired.

    Screenshot entergon-Suite export and download of captured contacts

  • Automatic data transfer to CRM, marketing automation, ERP & Co.

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    Standardised connectors and individual integration solutions ensure an automated data flow and integrated process chains.

    Media breaks resulting in lost information and time are a thing of the past.

  • Automated email forwarding

    Send automatically generated leads with all the relevant information to internal or external recipients.

    Screenshot forward contacts and leads automatically by email

An innovative platform which grows with your needs.

Benefit from a scalable, multi-client capable enterprise solution which sets no limits, from small in-house trade fairs to global roll-outs.

App in different languages possible

Multilingual function

One app, several languages. Ideally suited for international use.

Customer accounts with multi-client capable

Multi-client capable

A business-wide platform, but each organisational division remains in its own area.

Fast content delivery

Content delivery network

Global content boost: rapid regional provision of multimedia content.

Rights and roles manage

Rights and role design

Differentiated access rights for users, administration and management.

Unlimited design freedom and app customisation

  • Customised app design

    Screenshot app content customer example

    We offer you standardised app design templates with the possibility to customise colours, logo, cover picture and many more elements right down to the field level.

    In addition, our innovative app content management system allows you to configure your own app design, which makes your app 100% company-specific and accordingly unique. The economic efficiency is significant when compared to an individual app development.

  • Individual form structure

    Embedded in the app design template, you can configure your own digital trade fair sheet or visit report.

    Page layout, field positioning, field types, mandatory fields, languages or workflows can be set up quickly and easily without any programming knowledge.

    Screenshot entergon-Suite create formular and questionnaire

  • Integration of multiple layouts

    Screenshot entergon-Suite create layout

    Do you want to map several application scenarios in one single app?

    No problem: design layouts for lead capture, newsletter registration, surveys, order brochures, for different departments or issues.

  • Interview mode or autonomous mode

    The generation of lead data can be performed in interview mode by your trade fair team or by using interactive multimedia self-service terminals or touchscreens.

    The latter requires the autonomous app mode, which specifically blocks app areas and automatically switches to the start page during inactivity.

    Screenshot entergon-Suite create formular and questionnaire

  • Multimedia content and shopping cart functionality

    Screenshot app function shopping cart

    With the integration of multimedia content in the form of text, images, documents, audio and video, your trade fair app transforms into a presentation medium and thus becomes the centre of attraction of your trade fair conversation.

    In addition, all assets such as products and brochures can be merged via the shopping cart function as an order in the trade fair lead object.

  • Multilingual function

    To support use in different countries, all global languages are available to you in the mobile app.

    By voice selection the complete app changes with all questionnaires and multimedia content into the respective language.

    Translations can either be entered centrally in the system or imported and exported via the import/export facility of the questionnaire.

    Screenshot app function order brochure

  • Content integration of third-party systems

    Screenshot app social media fair information

    You already have available web applications or customer systems such as CRM or marketing automation and want to merge these applications or relevant data from them in our trade fair app?

    In this case, various integration options from iframe to API/web service methods are available.

Send your personalised trade fair invitations supplemented with campaign-specific landing pages for pre-qualification, appointment agreements or ticket requests.

A landing page offers you the opportunity to enter into a dialogue with the interested party. This way, you can already find out which products correlate with the interests of the visitor before the trade fair begins.

You load this information together with the registration data in the mobile app, so that your trade fair staff is best prepared for personal conversations.

entergon formular make an appointment

Impress your trade fair visitors with automated and highly personalised thank-you emails based upon data obtained from the trade fair.

All contents of the email, from the sender’s address, via the contact details of the assigned supervisor to content articles and document download links, can be individualised.

Of course, we can integrate a GDPR-compliant double opt-in process into all thank-you email variants.

Screenshot automatically Thank-You-Mail

Drive your immature leads forward using personalised, multi-level emailing campaigns along the customer journey. In line with the trade fair visit profile and the decision-making phase, targeted incentives are put into action.

As soon as a qualification level or degree of maturity as agreed with the sales department has been reached, the sales department automatically receives a notification.

Of course, all information and process triggers can be transmitted to the CRM or other customer systems.

E-Mailing campaigns along the customer journey

Connectors for CRM, ERP, marketing automation & Co.

Connectors for CRM, ERP, marketing automation


  • Seamless and customer-specific integration into existing system environments

  • Two-way synchronisation of company and personal data in real time

  • Live access to CRM inventory data in the app contact search

  • Provision of additional objects for lead capture such as stock lists, tickets, brochures

  • Event control of external process and logic chains via entergon middleware

  • Use of duplicate check methods outside or inside the CRM system

  • Use of multiple connectors for the parallel use of lead data

  • Faster data transfer without time-consuming exports and imports

  • Highest possible transmission security via SSL encryption

  • Fewer sources of error and security risks through automated transmission

Professional handling of personal data

With the entergon suite you are always GDPR-compliant. Benefit from easy data handling and decide upon your own data.

Processing of personal data

Order data processing

Processing of personal data always takes place in accordance with the GDPR.

GDPR-compliant lead capture

GDPR-compliant lead capture

Position GDPR content simply, quickly and creatively.

Determine deletion intervals of leads yourself

Right to be forgotten

Individually control the deletion intervals for generated trade fair lead data.

Ensuring the level of data protection

Encrypted data transfer

Ensuring data protection level for organisational units, processes and systems.

We are always ready and do the best we can!


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If you have any questions about using our solutions or technical problems, our consultancy and support team is always there for you. Every entergon customer receives a dedicated customer advisor.


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