Use the Store Check app for controlling and coaching your partner companies in retail and grocery stores, in fitness and wellness companies or in gastronomy. The completely digital and paperless recording enables direct connection to your internal customer databases.

A control or audit may reveal deficiencies in compliance with the regulations. Test plans and forms can be set up quickly according to your requirements without any programming knowledge. This means that POS evaluations such as “Where is my product in the store?”, “Where on the shelf?”, “How are advertising materials visible?” or monitoring the competition can be recorded using multimedia and evaluated in real time.

Features at a glance:

  • Photo and data capture for product placement etc.

  • Customer creation or access to existing customer data

  • Individual and conducted questionnaires

  • Multilingualism for global trade concepts

  • Quality management resulting from the processing of checklists

  • Access to multimedia content assets such as training videos

  • Direct emailing of content assets



  • Mystery shopping

  • Display check

  • Shelf check

  • Branch test

  • Product evaluation

  • Monitoring the competition

  • Opinion surveys



  • Quick roll-out through the possible use on iOS, Android and Windows as well as various end devices such as tablets, smartphones or laptops

  • Ability to work offline in the event of a temporary Internet failure or a weak connection

  • All-round solution for all purposes through the use of native operating system elements such as a photo, sketch, audio playback / recording or handwriting recognition function

  • Quick acceptance in the sales network through a simple user interface and wide availability of field types

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