You can configure your own checklist as you wish, embedded in your individual app design. Without any programming knowledge, the page structure, field positioning, field types, mandatory fields, languages or workflows can be set up quickly and easily and then produced on tablets, smartphones or laptops.

In many industries, checklists and paper based process logs can lead to a lot of administrative effort and inefficient processes. With the checklist app from entergon and innovative connectors we ensure an automated data flow and continuous process chains.

Media breaks with the resulting loss of information and time are a thing of the past.

Logistics, freight forwarding and transport


  • Vehicle and departure controls

  • Securing loads on lorries

  • Incoming goods and hazard controls

  • Pallet and transport controls

  • Recording complaints

  • Returns

  • Warehouse tours

  • Acceptance reports

  • Working time measurement

  • Goods controls

Facility Management


  • Cleaning controls

  • Work instructions

  • Key acceptance and receipt

  • Acceptance reports

  • Meter reading & maintenance of meter systems

  • Fire protection / smoke detector check

  • Property inspection & inspection tours

  • Quality management & repair checklists

  • Maintenance

Construction industry


  • Construction site documentation

  • Construction progress

  • Handover protocol

  • Supply of spare parts

  • Maintenance log

  • Recording repairs

  • Work safety instructions

  • Quality management

  • Recording defects

Hotel business


  • Guest registration

  • HACCP checklists

  • Risk assessments

  • Feedback forms

  • Recording defects

  • Property inspectionQuality management

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