Use the Sales Partner App to expand and strengthen your partner network. Network directly with your sales partners in order to make all types of communication, selective processes and comprehensive information provision as efficient as possible.

In this way, you may promote the commitment and loyalty of your partners through the immediate provision of partner actions and training. Make sure that your partner sales are well organised and you can accordingly achieve the agreed business objectives. Various forms for manufacturer-partner communication can be set up quickly without programming knowledge, e.g. lead notification, support ticket or financing enquiries.

Thanks to the seamless integration into your internal customer systems such as CRM, ERP or Marketing Automation, you can bind your partners closely to your business processes and make data and content available to them promptly. As a result, you relieve yourself and your partners of administrative, recurring and inefficient tasks.



  • Lead capture and partner lead notification

  • Status and qualification reports for reported leads

  • External and internal contact and communication requests

  • Forms for the creation of selective CRM processes such as filling out product slips, opportunity or service ticket attachments with subsequent, automatic creation in the manufacturer’s CRM

  • Access to multimedia sales materials and guides, price lists and product brochures

  • Access to administrative content assets such as contracts

  • Request for funding

  • Provision of partner campaigns and training materials

  • Triggering of multi-stage email marketing campaigns on behalf of the respective partner account manager



  • Reduction in the coordinated and synchronised effort due to the automatic provision of the available content

  • Quick and uncomplicated roll-out of the cross-platform application for iOS, Android & Windows

  • Increase in productivity in partner business through the integration of data and processes

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