The multimedia app provides your sales team with all the relevant information about customers, products or the installed product base. With images, videos and PDFs, products can be presented in multimedia form and the content of conversations can be recorded simply and in a structured manner by means of direct access to existing contacts or by creating new ones. The interaction of data acquisition, data access and multimedia presentation can be selected in a wide variety of scenarios as required.

With a direct connection to your customer systems such as CRM or Marketing Automation, you can ensure a seamless continuation of the customer dialogue in various communication channels.



  • Recording of new contacts including a data protection-compliant permission collection process

  • Processing of existing contacts using CRM live access or a manual upload of contact lists

  • Various forms for selective CRM object and process systems such as new opportunities, new field service visits, new order and order entry

  • Multimedia product presentation

  • Lead generation with the app in the early stage of the lead pipeline with subsequent lead nurturing. Only when the qualified sales lead status is reached does the transmission to the classic CRM take place

  • Consolidation of company-wide distributed content assets or web applications under one roof (one app for everything)



  • Increase in sales by identifying sales opportunities

  • Improved image – modern appearance in the age of digital communication

  • Efficient further processing of recorded data through seamless CRM integration

  • Saving on classic CRM licence costs, since app users do not necessarily need a CRM licence

  • Obtaining data protection compliant permissions

  • Saving on coordination and administration costs thanks to digitalisation and automation of the sales process

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