Person watches workout video on tablet

With the e-learning app you can provide your staff with new product knowledge or sales techniques by use of multimedia technology. Learning and training content can be changed quickly and easily and made available in real time.

Learning results may be queried by using individual query forms and a large number of available field types.

Due to the offline ability of the app, participants remain mobile and independent of an existing internet connection.



  • Data protection training

  • Presentation of new products and services

  • Security and compliance training (including reporting of security incidents)

  • Presentation of hygiene regulations

  • Training for trade fairs in word, video and pictures


Student sits at his desk and reads at the tablet



  • Location-independent learning due to the offline capability of the application

  • As a result of platform independence, everyone can use their own digital device

  • Faster and easier roll-out in the organisation

  • Easy setup of content and queries


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