sales talk two persons in the car dealership

With digital signage applications, you create real experiences, suitable offers and individual incentives at the point of sale.

Use interactive touchscreens for the multimedia presentation of product information, for interactive product and service configurations or for generating new contacts based upon prize competitions or information material enquiries.

With a direct connection to your internal customer systems, you ensure a seamless continuation of the customer dialogue in the various communication channels. In addition, web-based applications such as, for example, your web shop or the product configurations of your website can be seamlessly integrated into the app.



  • Multimedia product presentations

  • Sales campaigns, advertising messages

  • Consulting solutions (e.g. wine consultants, proper skin care)

  • Product configuration (e.g. furniture)

  • Signposting, in-store navigation

  • Requests for information material (e.g. car dealerships)

  • Registration for competitions, newsletters, coupons


Family at the interactive information kiosk desk in a shopping centre



  • Provision of comprehensive information at a hotspot

  • Maximum usage orientation using advisory components

  • Increase in customer satisfaction

  • Winning over bashful customers

  • A new starting point for the customer life cycle

  • Obtaining data protection compliant permissions

  • Image enhancement using a modern appearance


Digital media black and white screen modern panel

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