Your system presents you with challenges and you need support? We will be happy to help you unbureaucratically, quickly and competently.

For a concrete and simple submission of your support request, please select one of the following forms for selected areas of our solution. Our team of specialists is available to you within our business hours (Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 17:00).

Your support request has been sent – what happens now?

All incoming requests are checked for possible processing as soon as possible after receipt and within our business hours. We ask for your understanding that, depending on the scope and case description, incoming requests must first be qualified before they can be assigned to the specialist for processing.

We try to prioritize the incoming cases. As a result, we give priority to processing complete failures or critical partial failures before we take on general requests for optimizations, settings or desired adjustments. This does not exclude a prompt and fast processing of your request, but may cause slight delays at times.

All incoming requests will receive a ticket number from us, which will be sent to the email address provided with your request. This is also where we send updates on the processing, any necessary reminders in case of pending feedback, as well as the summary after completion of our work as a notification of the result and proof of our work.

For billing purposes, we work on an existing contract basis (permanent cost transfer, support contingent or support contract) or, in the absence of an agreement, we ask you to approve a cost transfer prior to the start and commencement of our work. After completion of the work, the times recorded on the processing are transferred internally for calculation and billed according to the agreements made.