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EVALANCHE Lead App | Mobile App & Marketing Automation

Imagine, you capture leads via mobile app – whether iOS, Android or Windows, on tablet or smartphone – and immediately after entering the data start your multi-level qualification and/or welcome campaigns via email.

entergon solution package “EVALANCHE Lead App” offers this seamless process including the EVALANCHE Enterprise Marketing Automation Suite. Mobile recorded leads are further qualified across media by means of multistage campaigns including Landing Pages & Web Forms on behalf of lead collectors.

By means of suitable lead scoring models based on Lead activities and profile changes, leads are automatically serviced according to your information needs. Mature leads are automatically forwarded via Alert-E-Mail to internal or external sites.

This opens up new possibilities for integrating the online and offline world at the point of sale, for subscriber acquisition or at trade fairs. See for yourself and simply arrange a live demonstration.

EVALANCHE Lead App. More Leads, more new customers, more revenue.