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e1.EMAILING | Digital Marketing

You are looking for ways to digitize your marketing in order to effectively and efficiently meet growing customer demands along the customer journey. You already know that e-mail increasingly becomes the most important channel for the mobile audience and thus the core of a customer-centric CRM vision throughout the lifecycle.

That is why you are exactly right here: No matter whether with a modern solution you first strive to professionalize your e-mail marketing or already want to pursue an automated lead management approach with built-in data, infrastructure and processes.

entergon accompanies you on your journey to digital marketing:

  • More data protection compliant generated e-mail recipients.
  • More relevance in e-mail communication.
  • More high quality leads for sales.
  • More accurately fitting content for effective dialogue.

In a free assessment workshop, we analyse your situation and show you ways of optimizing from quick win to paradigm shift.

e1.EMAILING. Relevant, efficient, integrated.


Multivariate Lead Scoring

EVALANCHE supports you with all current lead scoring information, such as profile scoring, activity scoring, content scoring and website activity scoring from the entire lead management process to mapping the data for lead classification.


Multivariate split campaign testing

With the split test, you can easily identify the e-mail version that promises the greatest success for your target audience. You can define the size of the test group, earnings criteria and newsletter variants yourself.


Dynamic Item Auto sorting

With automatic article individualization, you can add your news, press releases or invitations with so-called relevance characteristics and thus put them together individually for each recipient.


Configure by Drag and Drop

Home page, 3D reporting and all navigation elements can be individually configured via drag and drop. The new user interface makes Evalanche compatible for both end devices with small screens as well as large presentation displays.


Flexible crossmedia mailings

It has never been so easy for Web editors to create complex, cross-media newsletters – completely without programming skills: By means of CMS, you can enter text and graphics into your newsletter simply via a comfortable web interface.


Web forms

EVALANCHE generates for you address data of high quality and maintains these constantly updated. With the integrated Web Form Builder, you can create new web forms and address inputs intuitively – without any programming knowledge.


Email client preview

With EVALANCHE, you can simulate in advance how your e-mailing arrives at different mail clients. Pro Mail Client makes available up to 4 different views, for example with pictures and without loaded images, as well as a complete view of e-Mailings.


Mobile Preview

One click and EVALANCHE-Mobile Check verifies whether your newsletter is displayed optimally in Android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, Symbian OS or Windows Mobile. Necessary corrections are possible in sufficient time before sending.


Social sharing for more coverage

The recipients of your newsletter can take over individual items by clicking in their social network, such as XING, Twitter, Facebook, Google Bookmarks, MySpace and LinkdIn. For this, EVALANCHE provides you live statistics and reports.


Live tracking and statistics

Observe first results of your receiver during on-going dispatch. After completion, you receive detailed statistical analysis that shed light on the exact behaviour of your customers.


Industry comparison in real time

EVALANCHE provides you average comparative values of your industry and thus gives evidence of possible improvements in your future campaigns.


Accurately with geo-targeting

To qualify your recipient addresses, you can display with EVALANCHE a geographic distribution on a map – simply by clicking, with zoom in different levels of detail and always up to date based on Google Maps.


Open architecture

EVALANCHE can among other things be networked via open interfaces with other systems – e.g. for automated data synchronization with customer relationship systems (CRM). You can customize, expand, and create all templates independently.


Global Enterprise Manager

Data such as address profiles, pictures, news templates that are identical for all clients like customers regional subsidiaries and affiliates can be centrally managed in a global field and distributed per mouse click.


Multi-Customer Management

By means of multi-tenancy, you can establish many independent sub-accounts for subsidiaries or branches arbitrarily along with your master account. These clients only see their respective data, but can have access to centrally defined templates.