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We are moving: October 1, 2015, we are transforming the biscuit factory into the lead factory

entergon GmbH & Co. KG is a full-service provider for CRM and Dialog Marketing headquartered in Frankfurt am Main.

We consider customer relationship management as a philosophy and guiding principle for all customer-oriented divisions as well as a fine art of process, application and data integration

Our product and service portfolio focuses on implementing and developing CRM systems, introducing and integrating communication solutions as well as planning and implementing dialogue marketing campaigns.

We offer innovative add-on solutions in the areas of e-mail marketing, mobile CRM, social media, web analysis and data quality management, which can be integrated directly into existing CRM landscapes or by means of the entergon integration platform.

Meanwhile, entergon GmbH & Co. KG has looked after more than 120 business-to-business customers in various industries. Our innovative products have won multiple awards. Based on our IT-oriented dialogue marketing solutions, our customers inspire more than 750,000 end-users and prospective customers in their international target markets.

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